Design Services

New Houses | Renovations + Additions | Interior | Garden + Courtyard


  • Phone call to discuss your ideas
  • Onsite meet and greet
  • Fee proposal issued for approval

Feasibility Study

  • Determine planning requirements
  • Survey existing structures
  • Provide measured drawings
  • Organise site survey (if required)

Concept Design

  • Refine client brief
  • Prepare preliminary design options
  • Engage external consultants (if required)
  • Construction cost estimate (if required)
  • Agree upon concept design with client
  • Present design to local council



Development Application

Depending on council requirements:

  • Plans | Sections | Elevations
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Survey (prepared by licensed surveyor)
  • Basix Certificate (for building costs over $50,000)
  • Schedule of materials + finishes
  • Shadow Diagrams
  • Cost Summary Report
  • Heritage Statement (If required)

Construction Certificate

  • Develop DA drawings
  • Incorporate specification
  • Include engineer’s details
  • Consult with Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

Tender Package

  • Complete tender drawings
  • Issue to builders for pricing
  • Review & consult with client

Contract Documents

  • Prepare and issue contract documents which include:
  • Construction drawings
  • Detailed specification
  • Additional engineering requirements (if any)

Contract Administration

  • Regular site visits during construction
  • On site meetings
  • Issue instructions to builder
  • Assessing progress claims

Other Fees

All other fees such as Engineers/ Council must be managed and paid for by the client.

My Fees

Hourly rates apply however in certain instances lump sum quotes can be provided, if the scope of work is not difficult to predict.